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How I Deal With Rejection

Something so many people deal with is the feeling of rejection. The video below touches on the process I use myself to deal with any polarized emotions (not just rejection). Once you learn that every action has an opposite and equal reaction and that the universe is in complete balance you become far less susceptible…

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The other day on SnapChat I asked everyone what and why they’re stressed. The responses inspired me to make this quick video with my response. More mini lesson style videos coming on my channel.

The most important question to ask yourself today.

  The simple answer: If you’re asking this question you aren’t focussed on what it is that you’re really truly inspired and here on planet earth to do. Often people create visions for their lives based on other peoples or society’s values rather than their own. They embark on certain journey’s because they feel it’s something…

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The Power Of Believing You Can Improve

I have lately been spending every spare second I have listening to TED Talks on various topics. There are so many I want to share, but I think this one is so important. People often categorise themselves or live by the labels others have given them (smart, dumb, successful, failure etc). This talk is by…

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15 Reasons Your Haters Hate you.

I am no stranger to dealing with haters and am now thankfully at the point where it’s water off a ducks back. This was not the case in the beginning however, and it’s something everyone doing something different will experience at one point or another. Understanding why people act a certain way towards you is…

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Dinner with Tony Robbins

I’m watching this Tony Robbins interview over dinner and love it so thought I would share 🙂 Enjoy! [mpc_sh_embed][/mpc_sh_embed]  

Mindset Monday

I posted this little section on snapchat this morning and since then I’ve had people asking me to upload so they can share it. Definitely not a YouTube quality video but posting it for those who asked for it! Enjoy and Happy Monday! [mpc_sh_embed][/mpc_sh_embed]

My top 5 tips for getting what you want from 2016…

Those who perfect these 5 things get everything they want for their lives. Those who don’t, don’t. It’s as simple as that. Every year Lewis and I host a big live coaching session with our Infinite Prosperity students… This year we decided to post the recording online for a few days. It’s up, it’s free, and if you’re willing…

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Interview with Amy Sangster

While Lewis was here recently he asked his Snapchat & Instagram followers if they had any questions for me. Here are the questions and my answers 🙂 [mpc_sh_embed][/mpc_sh_embed]

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