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The other day on SnapChat I asked everyone what and why they’re stressed. The responses inspired me to make this quick video with my response. More mini lesson style videos coming on my channel.

VLOG #2!

I certainly don’t want my channel to be purely materialistic things and cars…but this one was from the IP Ball and Yacht trip so you can expect some of that! Some mini lessons coming in the new year!


Excited to get back into YouTube and start sharing some of it with you all again ?? vlogging started again recently! YouTube is a space that I left for many years as for a long time the negatives outweighed the positives for me and I didn’t want to live so publicly. There are so many…

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I AM GETTING BACK INTO YOUTUBE AGAIN! It’s been a while but I have decided to get back into YouTubing again. I took a break to live much more privately (which was still more public than most people) after going through some emotional events in my personal life. These events taught me the importance of…

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Interview with Amy Sangster

While Lewis was here recently he asked his Snapchat & Instagram followers if they had any questions for me. Here are the questions and my answers 🙂 [mpc_sh_embed][/mpc_sh_embed]

Renting VS Buying a home

I keep getting asked where Lewis posted his epic snapchat video on renting VS buying. Here it is again for those asking for it. Give his channel a follow for more videos when he comes to visit me in the next few weeks in the states. Enjoy! [mpc_sh_embed][/mpc_sh_embed]

Q & A session!

Recently I posted on Facebook for some questions everyone would like answered…here’s some responses : )

What Motivates Me…

I had some requests for the answer to this question so threw this together quickly 🙂  

Amy Sangster & Lewis Mocker- What we do

Last week Lewis and I jumped online to chat with a few hundred people who registered for our webinar. In case you missed it and want to check it out we’ve just posted it on YouTube. Watch below : )

If this doesn’t make you want to get out and enjoy life more, I don’t know what will.

Such an awesome video. Hopefully it inspires you to go do something fun and make the most of the weekend : )

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