Infinite Prosperity Ball #3!

I have been extremely quiet with my personal site this year as we have been super busy releasing the new Infinite Prosperity site, as well as writing Infinite Vitality and planning IP Ball number 3! All very exciting things to be kept busy with, but I do plan to give this space some more regular love from now on…

For those who don’t know we decide to change the format of the ball up a little this year and host a full 6 course dinner and create a more intimate experience. While previous years balls have been incredible, they were also quite large and face time with students quite limited, which is why I wanted to do something unique this year to allow us more time to get to know one another.

I started planning several months ago, and hundreds of emails and phone calls later the perfect experience has been crafted! Interior design is a hobby of mine so I really enjoy theming events and putting together beautiful spaces. With the help of IP’s Head Trader Irek Piekarski and his beautiful wife Molly, we scouted the ideal location in Vancouver Canada and put together an evening our students will never forget 🙂

Read more about what goes into planning these events here

One month from today my vision will become reality and we will get to meet more of our amazing students and celebrate another amazing year…grateful and excited!

That’s a little of what has been keeping me busy at the moment but I will be back here more often to share the latest.

Sending love to you all!

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