It’s been a while but I have decided to get back into YouTubing again. I took a break to live much more privately (which was still more public than most people) after going through some emotional events in my personal life. These events taught me the importance of being present, enjoying every moment and being true to myself and my values. I have really enjoyed my time away from YouTube, but also value sharing and educating so highly that I feel like it’s time to get back to it.

Everything that I have learnt through my life and particularly in the last few years is far too important to keep to myself and I thrive on being able to impact others…so that’s what I plan to keep doing but adding YouTube as a medium to share my personal empowerment message.

I have an office in Florida now that I plan on using as a creative space to film some mini lesson style videos, whilst also throwing in the occasional vlog or live stream.

I am currently in Australia and have SO much footage to sort through while I am on the plane home, but have begun to edit my first video back in the game!

Super excited to share some more of my life and my message with you all! Subscribe to be notified of my first upload!

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Posted on December 6, 2016 in YouTube

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